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Battles in the North

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  • I have supported these guys since they called themselves OLD FUNERAL(with Varg from BURZUM), and I have to say they have yet to disappoint. With the release BATTLES IN THE NORTH, Immortal proved to live up to their name. This contribution to black metal is fierce, raw, and brutal. Immortal slows down for no one and this CD proves it. If the first song, “Battles in the North,” doesn’t grab you and throw you to the floor, then you are either hearing impaired or in an eternal slumber. It slashes and cuts and pounds your ear drums and just when you think it is safe the next song starts and you are being brutalized again. Not for the weak or for those who like predictable rhythyms. For fans of DARKTHRONE, RAGNAROK, DARK FUNERAL, and SATYRICON…

    Posted on December 16, 2009