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BBC Sessions

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  • when i first popped the first cd in my cd player i was really surprised. i didn’t expect much from it for some reason, but whatever reason that was, it was wrong. this album revitalized my enduring enthusiasm for led zeppelin, the band that could play the same song several different ways.speaking of playing the same song different ways, bbc sessions has 3 versions of communication breakdown, 2 versions of you shook me and i can’t quit you baby, 2 versions of dazed and confused and whole lotta love, i think i covered everything. :Oif you’re a new zepp fan, then you’ll love the rhythm and ferocity at 80% of their tunes on here – it harkens back to their early days of their first 4 albums. it also contains the phenomenal, The Girl I Love She Got Long Black Wavy Hair and Travelling Riverside Blues! Truely missed classics, not on any lone album (i do think they are in one of the box sets). trust me, if you’re looking for a great rock album from a band that you thought you heard it all from, then pick up this album -its a welcome breath of fresh air.

    Posted on January 11, 2010