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Beast from the East

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  • This album was from a tour supporting Back for the Attack and has songs from all of Dokken’s first four albums, which most agree are their true prime. Labels and bands love to put out live albums, of course, because they serve as de facto Greatest Hits albums, cost relatively little to make, and don’t require new songwriting. On that level, this live album works really well and shows that Dokken can deliver these songs live. It’s fun to hear them singing “In My Dreams” and other songs without benefit of studio overdubs. Many live albums contain a lot of dubs. I can’t be sure they didn’t tamper with this album, but if they did you can’t tell.The production is merely ok, though. There is too much reverb even for a live album and it comes off a bit muddy. It’s better than bootleg quality by far, but it’s not a crystal clear live album like some of the best I’ve heard.Moreover, as a live album it doesn’t really transcend the studio albums…Dokken’s performance is good, but mostly pretty straight ahead. George Lynch’s guitar solo is a special treat, but mostly you hear the songs played much like the albums. This isn’t a harsh criticism, but still the album doesn’t belong in the very top tier of classic live albums.

    Posted on March 8, 2010