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Beast from the East

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  • I remember when I got for my birthday as a present back in 1989, “Beast From The East” by Dokken. I liked it… but then in 1995-1996 I realized it is the BEST EVER live album a rock band has ever done… I admit it, I’ve still to listen to “Live in Budokkan” by Cheap Trick… but I have listened to and have, Kiss’ “Alive” and “Alive 2″, Ozzy Osbourne’s “Tribute”, Mötley Crüe’s “Entertainment Or Death”, Journey’s “Greatest Hits Live”, Van Halen’s “Right Here, Right Now LIVE”, The Scorpions’ “World Wide Live”, Rush’s “Differente Stages” and many others… but the truth is, this IS the best live album I have EVER heard. First of all, one of the most important factors of a live albums is the crowd. It sounds like a million lions in the album, AMAZING. Then of course comes the musicianship… and the guys make it worth your while. SOmething that I have to bring out especially is the quality of Don Dokken’s vocals, he sings like a god, I’ve NEVER heard a better singer in a live album… not even Steve Perry or Paul Stanley, who were and are unbelievable. You can especially notice this when you compare it to last year’s live album by Dokken, they still sound good but there really is no point in comparison. George Lynch is also incredible, being the only guitarist that I’ve heard who can play tiny little solos between chords in the songs, and make it sound completely and utterly seamless… you gotta hear it to believe it. I give it five stars, and if there were 10, then ten it would be. Buy it. You WILL like it, you will LOVE it!

    Posted on March 8, 2010