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Beast from the East

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  • This is one of the best live albums of the Metal Genre. Don Dokken holds court in Japan, and the fans absolutley love Dokken. He holds the audience in the palm of his hand, and the audience interaction is incredible. This was at the height of their popularity, about 1987-88, as it was shortly after the film “Nightmare on Elm Street, 3″ was on the big screen, and Dokken was a big part of that film, as they sang the movie’s theme, “Dream Warriors”, and even starred in their own video with Freddy Krueger, and Christen! All the Dokken classics are there, and “Its Not Love”, Unchain the Night, and Tooth and Nail, have never sounded better live. I loved the artwork on the album cover so much, that I am having it done on my own back! Its about 40 % done, the centerpiece is nearly complete, but the tough part is going to be the ocean in the background. I actually got to show Don Dokken the work in progress as I won backstage passes from a local radio show to a Dokken Concert here in New Mexico. They still sound great, and I recommend this album to any Dokken fan, or metal fan out there.

    Posted on March 8, 2010