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Beautiful Creatures

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  • I can’t believe both of the “Beautiful Creatures” releases basically slipped under the radar? As most reviews have stated this is great hard rock band in the 80’s and 90′ vein. But by no means does this sound dated at ALL. This could fit in with many bands of today and kick their *&%$#@! Why these guys didn’t get major label backing from Warner Bros. I have no idea?! Gritty, “In Your Face” guitars and vocals, great rhythms’. It has everything you could want. Basically cross “Bang Tango” with “Guns n Roses” and you get “Beautiful Creatures”. If that sounds good to you, pick this up now! I would definitely say start with the debut. If you like that get the sophomore release “Deuce” it comes in a close second.

    Posted on November 26, 2009