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Before Their Eyes

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  • This is a recently signed band to Rise Records and they definately put out an amazing first release. Nearly everything about this cd is amazing. For starters, Joey Sturgis did some perfect production, everything is perfectly clear, crisp, and has good bass to drive it all. Instrumentally the band fits into a screamo-esque sound but isn’t a heavy driven band, which is what sets them out of the cliche bands.

    They mix some addictingly catchy choruses with a lot of the songs ending with a little breakdown or the chorus screamed. Most of the lead guitars are intricate enough that you aren’t drowned by boredom of songs sounding similar. The first 7 songs on this cd out of 9 are perfect. This band also has mastered being able to have a soft verse and a fast paced chorus or singing behind a breakdown. its like giving you breakdowns without drownign you in screams. Their vocals are some of the best out there, his vocals are close but not as extreme as chiodos and his screaming is as clean and percise as his singing.

    Here’s a song breakdown:

    1. crawling towards forgiveness: soft intro starts the cd but kicks into the faster paced great song, the chorus is quite catchy and the back up vox drive u in, has a fun breakdown at the end and the outro to this song is amazing.

    2. the nighttime is our time: Simple song but its addicting, really catchy and has one of the best breakdowns screaming “the nighttime is our

    3. You talk a good game: this is one of the most out there songs. its one of the best, lyrics are funny. the bridge/pseudo-breakdown at the end is some of the most original writing.

    4. Crawling Towards Forgiveness: starts slow and kicks in with a scream/sing verse and then the chorus is also good (like all of them) and has some screaming. The breakdown is kind of out of nowhere but it grew on me.

    5. This is redemption, this is our lives washed clean: Soft song with Jeremy from TDWP, i personally think he has one of the best voices out there so i love this song. its definately worth listening to and has some good lyrics, beginning has piano with some keys that fit perfectly.

    6. Why 6 is afraid of 7: intro reminds me of “boy brushed red” by underoath. slower song but more upbeat than previous, my personal favorite. all singing. Chorus is the catchiest the back-up “awing” lol the vocals are amazing.

    7. The journey down south (starts with a 2-step): Southern as hell, heaviest song, just plain amazing. has cowbell.

    8. shotguns speak louder than words :not a fan, its still really good just doesnt compare, i usually skip.

    9. close your eyes, it’s okay to rest now: pretty good song, has a good chorus the ending breakdown is epic lol really carried out and heavy.

    overal, cd is worth of the 10 bucks at 5 stars. go pick it up!

    Posted on March 14, 2010