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Before Their Eyes

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  • Before Their Eyes have succeeded in making a fantastic career debut with their self-titled first release. The album is so well balanced, that it is difficult to pin-point one specific reason that the album is worth ordering. The songs are heavier than pop-punk and contain plenty of screaming, but Nick’s clean vocals make the songs easy to appreciate even if you typically don’t enjoy harsh vocals. Clean singing is more prominent than screaming, and the screaming is well articulated and non-abrasive, so whether or not you like screaming should not be a large factor in whether or not you like the album. Before Their Eyes manages to write catchy, and fun songs without choking them of interesting instrumentation. Lyrically, the band highlights their Christian faiths without becoming preachy and overbearing. Give it a listen, and you will see why I am recommending this album.

    Posted on March 14, 2010