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Beg to Differ

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  • I am always wary of five star reviews for any album – let’s face it, only a fan of the music would bother writing a review anyway, right? However, this album deserves every star it gets.

    Like a lot of other reviewers I was sixteen when I first bought this album (on cassette) the year it was released. I can’t remember why I decided to buy it, i think it was due to the cover artwork by Pushead – who did the cover art for Metallica’s ‘One’ single, among others. On the first listen I was instantly impressed and hooked. It became part of the soundtrack to my last two years of high school, along with ‘…And Justice For All’, ‘The Real Thing’, ‘Frizzle Fry’ and ‘Nevermind’, just to name a few (gee we were spoilt in the late eighties/early nineties).

    Recently I found my old box of tapes and ‘Beg To Differ’ was the first one I grabbed and put in my stereo. I thought it might have sounded a bit dated, but it hasn’t aged a bit. The album is as heavy as it is catchy and contains some of the most memorable metal riffs ever recorded. Tommy Victor shreds and his guitar has an incredible tone, while Ted Parsons (the most underrated drummer ever?) and Mike Kirkland lay down a such a thunderous rythym section that it’s hard to believe you’re listening to a three piece.

    I cannot recommend this album highly enough to any fan of thrash metal or hardcore music. You’re gonna love it. Trust me.

    Posted on February 26, 2010