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Behind Silence and Solitude

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  • The reason this band sounds like Shadows Fall is because the lead singer, Phil Labonte, happens to be the former lead singer of Shadows Fall. The reason this band reminds you of Killswitch Engage is because they have the same producer,Adam Dutkiewicz. Now, as for insulting the musical content of All That Remains, you underestimate very heavily the skills of Ollie Herbert as a guitarist, who is on par, in comparison of musical knowledge and skill repertoire, with people like Buckethead and Paul Gilbert. Before you decide to vent your own frustrations with what you ineptly dub nu metal, get your facts straight. Nu metal was the crunch bands who were allowed only to be puppets of corporations, no solos, no real guitar work, just lots of chugging rhythms, dumb, violent lyrics and a saleable image. Of those bands, only Slipknot stepped out of the shadow of their record label, finally, on the Subliminal Verses, which is still very polished and mainstream. And you’re right, Killswitch Engage may have existed before All That Remains, but I have a feeling Ollie Herbert has been trying to make a name for himself with his guitar skills for quite some years, and finally found a band to do it with, when All That Remains formed in 1998, with Phil Labonte still singing with Shadows Fall, as well. For reference, I suggest you listen to Ollie’s Betcha’ Can’t Play This from Guitar World (someone help me with the month. ‘04), and take note of what he says about the riff’s construction. He is much more musically grounded than people who go on stage knowing what it sounds like only after they play it. Also, before you make vociferous, snap judgments about bands, only hearing what Amazon offers you through their fish-tanked sound clips, which make almost every metal band indistinguishable from another, I suggest you go out and buy a record other than Killswitch Engage, who you seem to be enamored with, worshipping them as the gods of all things metal. You may want to start with Frank Zappa’s “Them or Us,” Steve Vai’s “Passion and Warfare,” or Death’s “Human.” As for legitimacy, All That Remains is a gem of a find in a minefield of metal that can be zombifying in its similarity. The only thing that justifies their label as a hardcore band is Phil Labonte’s singing and reputation.

    Speeding on in harmonic minor and diminished fury,

    Posted on March 14, 2010