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Behind Silence and Solitude

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  • An absolutely amazing CD. This defies the laws of much of today’s music. The guitar work on this CD leaves you on your knees, mouth dripping saliva, begging God to send down more All That Remains tracks! The Singer really brings this CD to the brink of godly, his vocals and lyrics depict the kind of things you wouldn’t expect from a dark metal style sounding band, and it gives it more of an edge to a Hardcore style with dark metal influences. All this does is BROADEN the fan base, where both Cradle of Filth listeners and Vision of Disorder listeners become infatuated with this CD. I think this is one of the best CD’s I own and everywhere I go I tell my friends and people I know to buy it, because its just a simply amazing debut. If I don’t see these guys more popular than bands like Children of Bodom, and In Flames, then I might kill myself. To the band if they ever read this; You guys rip it up, I hope to see you live real soon, come to my hometown (Burlington, Vermont, USA) as soon as you get a chance!!

    Posted on March 14, 2010