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The Windy City alt-metal provocateurs Disturbed surprised everyone when their debut, The Sickness, sold over 2 million copies. Here, once again, the band’s imperious chrome-domed vocalist David Draiman bleats out the band’s messages of nonconformity, self-empowerment, and individuality with a passion and ferocity that hasn’t been heard since the ’60s–though there’s little room for peace, love, and understanding in Disturbed’s world. Instead, Draiman laces the band’s message with equal parts rage, disgust, and menace, all delivered in a thundering voice that alternates from the lyrical to the grizzled. Ozzy Osbourne has called Disturbed the ”future of metal,” and he might be right; they have almost single-handedly plucked the genre out of the aggro dung heap and fueled it with intelligence. The band is just as aggressive here as on their debut, but they’ve lost some of their dark angst, and as a result have created a melodic, psychically lighter album, despite the fact that the CD kicks off with ”Prayer,” a conversation between Draiman and God, inspired by the singer’s grandfather’s death. –Jaan Uhelszki

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  • …the music world had another bomb dropped on it…its name was “BELIEVE” because if anyone thought that Disturbed was a one album wonder or just another fake act (like I’ve read in some other reviews) Listening to Believe will convince anyone that Disturbed will be one of the top bands in the world for a long time…below is my list of ratings for every song on “Believe”:1. Prayer 10/10 – One awesome song2. Liberate 10/10 – I didn’t like this song right away but it grew on me and now its one of my favorites3. Awaken 10/10 – Great opening and chorus, love that barking David!4. Believe 10/10 – another song that became a favorite after consistent listening5. Remember 10/10 – Great guitar opening and exellent guitars throughout6. Intoxication 9/10 – Well no one is perfect, so thats why the perfect tens disappear…but I still like this one, again great barks from Dave in the song7. Rise 9/10 – I just started liking this song…mainly due to the strong mid-song guitars8. Mistress 10/10 – Love the guitars throughout, great pace and sang beautifully9. Breathe 10/10 – not the usual guitar some of us may not be used to but still nice song and execellent chorus10. Bound 10/10 – TURN YOUR SPEAKERS UP! The opening guitar blasts as well as the guitars that start the second verse…GREAT!11. Devour 8/10 – Mainly the one song I’m still trying to get used to but I still like it!12. Darkness 10/10 – Dave can sing and thats all there is to it!

    Posted on February 6, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • I’m not a big fan of Nu-metal. Generally speaking these are immature bands with a whining singer screaming on top of his voice, forgettable guitar-work, no bass, simple beats, and repeating every cliché KoRn originally came up with. This album, however, is a very pleasant surprise. It stands high above the majority of nu-metal bands. Unlike most bands, Disturbed has a clear own sound. They allready showed some of this with their debut “The sickness”. Now, with “Believe”, they expand and improve on it.Guitars, drums and bass (yes you can actually hear the bass!) are all quite good, together creating their own, unique sound. Don’t expect incredible firework or solo’s though.However, the thing that takes Disturbed to a higher level are the vocals of David. He’s without a doubt one of the best singers in today’s music scene. Not only has he an amazing voice, going from thundering and majestic to very soft and tender, he also comes up with beautifull singlines and powerfull lyrics. Just compare Davids majestic voice to the singer of Linkin Park blurting out “I wanna heeeeeal I wanna feeeeeel”. There’s no competition.The combination of these 4 elements result in some iron-strong songs such as “Prayer”, “Breathe”, “Rise”, and the beautifull song “Remember”. Especially the latter sounds very epic and haunting, despite the fact it’s running time is only 4 minutes. After 11 songs, varying from heavy to more melodic, the album ends in a perfect way with the beautifull acoustic “Darkness”.”Believe” proves that not all Nu-metal is immature crap, as long as the musicians are ready to expand their horizons and stop repeating all cliché’s over and over again (like Linkin Park did with Meteora). I really recommend this album, even if you’re not into metal. The strong melodies will surely get you hooked.

    Posted on February 6, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Due to their commercial popularity, Disturbed can’t help but be classified as a “nu-metal”, mainstream band. Some people have a problem with Disturbed and their popularity, as any successful metal band these days is categorized as a sell-out. Call them whatever you want, but I say “Who cares?” When a band releases a CD as good as “Believe”, the music speaks for itself. While “The Sickness” DID have a more mainstream sound, it still was a decent metal CD. My real problem with that release was it’s lack of diversity and the way that the songs really lost strength towards the end of the album. In this respect, “Believe” is the opposite of “The Sickness”. Upon 1st listen to this CD, one will have no doubt that he/she is hearing the band Disturbed — the traditional vocals and guitar of the band are well represented on this album. While retaining their signature style, Disturbed have greatly increased their musical range, voacally and (more noticably) musically. The songs, especially the later ones, are heavier and use more aggressive guitar and drum techniques. The CD starts with the excellent song “Prayer” and then evolves into a string of heavy, riff-driven tracks until the gentle, accoustic closer “Darkness”. In between, there are several very good straight-forward metal tracks such as “Believe”, “Intoxication”, “Mistress”, and “Devour”. Most importantly, this is a complete CD — a very solid listen from beginning to end.”Believe” is an excellent album that metal fans should be eager to hear. With this CD, Disturbed have definately set themselves apart from the rest of the pack.

    Posted on February 5, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • If ever there was a band that truly wanted to stand out for what it believed (no pun intended) in, Disturbed has truly become that band. This album is raw. There are no electronics on this album. This album separated Disturbed from the “nu” bands like Limp Bizkit, or Linkin Park. Disturbed bring out a new type of modern metal without it being “nu”. With that brings a classic, unique, and well structured album. David Draiman’s vocals have had the biggest change. With his long throaty choruses there is also the distinguished “raspy” sound that is unique to this band alone. “Prayer” offers the biggest breakthrough, with a very hard beat, and heavy riffs that accompany Draiman’s voice to deliver a religious message from the heavy burdens of Job. “Rise” brings out a very unique but familiar metal sound that has been forgotten by many metal enthusiasts. The songs that really bring out David’s voice the most, however, are “Remember”, which appears to be about all the bad times he has had to endure, and overcome; “Darkness” is a softer, highly versatile change and in some ways almost gothic. It is a slow, lyrical project of disappointment and frustration. Not nearly a hit, but it offers a view of the potential of Disturbed, and the possibilities the band can offer it’s fans to keep them guessing.Although this album doesn’t fall exactly in sync with the rest of the rock and metal coming out these days, “Believe” gives Disturbed fans a new approach to listen to heavy metal. Every song may not be an instant hit, but it’s constant change and unique sound is a pleasant step away from the norm.

    Posted on February 5, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • I’ve always liked Disturbed, but I never really thought of them as one of those bands that would stick around for a substantial amount of time. But after buying this CD, I might change my mind. Listening to The Sickness, I figured “this is good enough music for the moment.” Enter their sophomore release, Believe. Disturbed have done EXACTLY what every band should do with their second release. This album, in a way, answered my “prayer” for a better and more diverse Disturbed. Believe improves everything that was wrong with The Sickness. There are no boring spots, this CD is pure energy and David’s vocals and lyrics are so much more mature and not as repetitive as before (no monkey noises this time, either). There are songs on here for everyone: the heavy “Liberate” and “Bound,” the melodic “Darkness” and nine other tracks that fall somewhere in the middle. Standout tracks: “Breathe” “Believe” “Liberate” “Rise” and “Bound.” If you liked The Sickness, check this out. If you HATED The Sickness, check this out. Everyone can find something they like in it. Also, make sure you see them live, you’ll appreciate their music so much more after you do.

    Posted on February 5, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now