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  • I’ve always liked Disturbed, but I never really thought of them as one of those bands that would stick around for a substantial amount of time. But after buying this CD, I might change my mind. Listening to The Sickness, I figured “this is good enough music for the moment.” Enter their sophomore release, Believe. Disturbed have done EXACTLY what every band should do with their second release. This album, in a way, answered my “prayer” for a better and more diverse Disturbed. Believe improves everything that was wrong with The Sickness. There are no boring spots, this CD is pure energy and David’s vocals and lyrics are so much more mature and not as repetitive as before (no monkey noises this time, either). There are songs on here for everyone: the heavy “Liberate” and “Bound,” the melodic “Darkness” and nine other tracks that fall somewhere in the middle. Standout tracks: “Breathe” “Believe” “Liberate” “Rise” and “Bound.” If you liked The Sickness, check this out. If you HATED The Sickness, check this out. Everyone can find something they like in it. Also, make sure you see them live, you’ll appreciate their music so much more after you do.

    Posted on February 5, 2010