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  • If ever there was a band that truly wanted to stand out for what it believed (no pun intended) in, Disturbed has truly become that band. This album is raw. There are no electronics on this album. This album separated Disturbed from the “nu” bands like Limp Bizkit, or Linkin Park. Disturbed bring out a new type of modern metal without it being “nu”. With that brings a classic, unique, and well structured album. David Draiman’s vocals have had the biggest change. With his long throaty choruses there is also the distinguished “raspy” sound that is unique to this band alone. “Prayer” offers the biggest breakthrough, with a very hard beat, and heavy riffs that accompany Draiman’s voice to deliver a religious message from the heavy burdens of Job. “Rise” brings out a very unique but familiar metal sound that has been forgotten by many metal enthusiasts. The songs that really bring out David’s voice the most, however, are “Remember”, which appears to be about all the bad times he has had to endure, and overcome; “Darkness” is a softer, highly versatile change and in some ways almost gothic. It is a slow, lyrical project of disappointment and frustration. Not nearly a hit, but it offers a view of the potential of Disturbed, and the possibilities the band can offer it’s fans to keep them guessing.Although this album doesn’t fall exactly in sync with the rest of the rock and metal coming out these days, “Believe” gives Disturbed fans a new approach to listen to heavy metal. Every song may not be an instant hit, but it’s constant change and unique sound is a pleasant step away from the norm.

    Posted on February 5, 2010