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  • Due to their commercial popularity, Disturbed can’t help but be classified as a “nu-metal”, mainstream band. Some people have a problem with Disturbed and their popularity, as any successful metal band these days is categorized as a sell-out. Call them whatever you want, but I say “Who cares?” When a band releases a CD as good as “Believe”, the music speaks for itself. While “The Sickness” DID have a more mainstream sound, it still was a decent metal CD. My real problem with that release was it’s lack of diversity and the way that the songs really lost strength towards the end of the album. In this respect, “Believe” is the opposite of “The Sickness”. Upon 1st listen to this CD, one will have no doubt that he/she is hearing the band Disturbed — the traditional vocals and guitar of the band are well represented on this album. While retaining their signature style, Disturbed have greatly increased their musical range, voacally and (more noticably) musically. The songs, especially the later ones, are heavier and use more aggressive guitar and drum techniques. The CD starts with the excellent song “Prayer” and then evolves into a string of heavy, riff-driven tracks until the gentle, accoustic closer “Darkness”. In between, there are several very good straight-forward metal tracks such as “Believe”, “Intoxication”, “Mistress”, and “Devour”. Most importantly, this is a complete CD — a very solid listen from beginning to end.”Believe” is an excellent album that metal fans should be eager to hear. With this CD, Disturbed have definately set themselves apart from the rest of the pack.

    Posted on February 5, 2010