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  • …the music world had another bomb dropped on it…its name was “BELIEVE” because if anyone thought that Disturbed was a one album wonder or just another fake act (like I’ve read in some other reviews) Listening to Believe will convince anyone that Disturbed will be one of the top bands in the world for a long time…below is my list of ratings for every song on “Believe”:1. Prayer 10/10 – One awesome song2. Liberate 10/10 – I didn’t like this song right away but it grew on me and now its one of my favorites3. Awaken 10/10 – Great opening and chorus, love that barking David!4. Believe 10/10 – another song that became a favorite after consistent listening5. Remember 10/10 – Great guitar opening and exellent guitars throughout6. Intoxication 9/10 – Well no one is perfect, so thats why the perfect tens disappear…but I still like this one, again great barks from Dave in the song7. Rise 9/10 – I just started liking this song…mainly due to the strong mid-song guitars8. Mistress 10/10 – Love the guitars throughout, great pace and sang beautifully9. Breathe 10/10 – not the usual guitar some of us may not be used to but still nice song and execellent chorus10. Bound 10/10 – TURN YOUR SPEAKERS UP! The opening guitar blasts as well as the guitars that start the second verse…GREAT!11. Devour 8/10 – Mainly the one song I’m still trying to get used to but I still like it!12. Darkness 10/10 – Dave can sing and thats all there is to it!

    Posted on February 6, 2010