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Below the Lights

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  • Enslaved “Below the Lights” is a marriage of noise and beauty. And I don’t mean noise in the typical “blast beats and distortion” sense of the word. This is structured, layered, and progressive noise. Arve Isdal creates a landscape of dischordant riffage that seperates Enslaved from countless other ‘black’ or ‘viking metal’ band. “Below the Lights” is a polyphonic experience, in which a wall of odd riffs, viking-like and lightning fast drumming, classical influences, ambience, and electronics bombard the listener in a maelstorm of brutal sound. Enslaved have opted not to take the Opeth route where they would seperate these elements into their own sections of the song; rather they throw it all out at once, creating a pummeling sound that is both unrelenting and oddly atmospheric. For seven songs and roughly half an hour Enslaved never produce a dull moment on this album. ‘The Crossing’ has a great build up of mid-paced riffing and drum cadence only to be completely obliterated by soaring screams and lightning fast riffs the likes of which you have never heard. “Queen of the Night” throws in Nordic-folk and “Havenless” features an awesome Viking chant. This album also features and abundance of what I consider to be very David Gilmour (Pink Floyd) like guitar solos in that they are high pitched, drawn out, and wail with a certain blues element to them.
    This album is flawlessy produced and very original; most bands would kill to sound this good on their seventh album. Enslaved have captured the throne which was abandoned by Emperor a few years prior. Bow down Dimmu Borgir, you have been Enslaved.

    Posted on December 23, 2009