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Beneath... Between... Beyond

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  • Some may call this a greatest hits CD, but it is actually a collection of rarities, remixes, and unreleased song. However, a casual fan would most likely not find this to be an enjoyable CD. It is the hardcore fans of Static-X and Wayne’s giant hair that will find it to be well worth the money. I will now review each song individually.

    1. Breathe 4/5
    It sounds like a mix of Shadow Zone and WDT songs.
    2. Deliver Me 5/5
    With addictive lyrics and awesome music, this proves to be one
    of the better songs on the CD.
    3. Anything But This 4/5
    Double bass drums and pulse-pounding singing create a rather
    unique sound.
    4. S.O.M 2/5
    One of my least favorite song on the CD, mostly because
    Wayne’s voice overpowers all the music.
    5. Down 5/5
    Definetly from the age of WDT, this is a great song.
    6. Head 4/5
    It kind of reminds of newer Slipknot music. That’s about all
    to say for Head.
    7. So Real 3/5
    It is one of Static-X’s more techno-sounding songs.
    8. Crash 3/5
    Not one of the greater songs, partly because Tony, Tripp,
    and Nick aren’t in it.
    9. Push It (JB’s Death Trance Remix) 4/5
    Major techno stuff here. Overall, it’s just…different.
    10. I’m With Stupid (Paul Barker Remix) 5/5
    Truly an addictive and awesome song, it’s even heavier than
    11. Burning Inside 4/5
    Fast-paced and really cool, Burton Bell (Fear Factory) does
    a really great job.
    12. Behind the Wall of Sleep 5/5
    While I’m not a fan of Black Sabbath, I’m when they did this,
    it sounded nowhere near as good.
    13. Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment 5/5
    It’s kind of funny to hear Static-X do a Ramones cover, but
    this is a really great song, and also the fastest song on the
    14. I Am (Demo) 4/5
    It’s great to hear Static-X in the studio, and that’s what
    this (and the other demos) deliver.
    15. Love Dump (Demo) 5/5
    This is probably the best-sounding demo on the CD, and one of
    the best songs from WDT.
    16. Get to the Gone (Demo) 3/5
    A good song, but it is also a little dissapointing. But, it’s
    17. New Pain (Demo) 4/5
    In my opinion, it sounds alot better than the actual song.
    18. Otsegolectric (Demo) 4/5
    Once again, better than the original. It also includes an
    appearance by the guy from Monster.

    Overall, next to Wisconsin Death Trip, this is their best CD, truly for the hardcore X fan.

    Overall Rating=5/5

    Posted on January 7, 2010