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Beneath... Between... Beyond

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  • I have always had, and always will have, a soft spot for Static-X’s music. Their debut album, “Wisconsin Death Trip,” came out during my freshman year of high school, around the time that I was still trying to find my musical identity. I have loyally followed them, even as trends came and went, and as my own personal tastes evolved. But Static-X have so many elements to their music that it’s impossible to get bored. Each one of their three albums has a distinct sound, and “Beneath, Between & Beyond” celebrates a wealth of superb material that, unfortunately didn’t make the cut. If you were a fan of the debut, then this compilation should be right at home; About half of the songs here are pulled from the “Wisconsin Death Trip” sessions, or around that time period. The two b-sides to their latest release (“Shadow Zone”), “Deliver Me” (from the soundtrack to 2003’s “Texas Chainsaw Massacre”) and the previously unreleased “Breathe” jumpstart the album, as it moves along into more familiar b-sides, such as “Down” and “So Real” (from “Scream 3″). The Mephisto Odyssey collaboration, “Crash” was a nice touch, as I had almost forgotten about this song (remember the video, where Wayne had horns like Batman?). The Paul Barker remix of “I’m With Stupid” is absolutely stunning, and breathes life into the familiar song (I almost prefer this to the original). Some choice covers of Black Sabbath (“Behind The Wall Of Sleep”), The Ramones (“Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment”) and Ministry (“Burning Inside”) are all excellent choices, with “Burning Inside” sporting guest vocals by Fear Factory frontman Burton C. Bell. There are also five demos at the end of the eighteen song collection, all varying in quality, but interesting nevertheless. Overall, it’s a great collection for the Static-X faithful. I’d like to think of it as an unorthodox “Greatest Hits” for them. Bottom line is, if you’re a fan, this is worth getting.

    Posted on January 7, 2010