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Best of Def Leppard

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  • As of June 2006, Def Leppard has released 3 compilations: “Vault”, “Rock of Ages: The Definitive Collection”, and this set, the “Best Of”. (If you want to inlcude the hard-to-find “Rock Vault”, which includes Vault and a seperate disc of previously released tracks, then it would be 4 compilations). And in my opinion, this one is their best so far, but not by much.

    Why? What makes this collection better than “Rock of Ages: The Definitive Collection”?

    It’s true that both this set and “ROA” have almost the same set of songs, including the usual suspects, like “Photograph”, “Bringing On The Heartbreak” and “Pour Some Sugar On Me”.

    It’s the songs that one contains that the other one doesn’t, that really makes the difference for me, regardless of the price.

    The songs on “Best Of” that are not on “ROA” are:
    “Action”, “Long, Long Way To Go”, “Make Love Like A Man”, “Waterloo Sunset”

    The songs on “ROA” that are not on “Best Of” are:
    “Miss You In A Heartbeat”, “Switch 625″, “No Matter What”, “Mirror, Mirror (In My Eyes)”, “Paper Sun”

    Also, there are edited versions of “Rocket” and “Pour Some Sugar On Me” on “ROA” as opposed to the album versions that are on “Best Of”. But “ROA” has a total of 35 tracks as opposed to “Best Of” which has 34. And “ROA” costs about $10 USD less than “Best Of”.

    My preference is “Best Of”. But, which one should YOU buy? It all depends on which one has the tracks you really want and how much you want to spend? But, hey, you can always buy both, right?

    Posted on December 1, 2009