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Best of Def Leppard

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  • Whew – about time! So hard to please everyone in the greatest hits arena, but I think the Leps did an admirable job with this collection. Hard to believe I’m withholding an entire star due to its lacking one song – “Me and My Wine” – but, c’mon, fellas, that is one ultra-rare track that actually has its own video/was a semi-hit here in the States. Sure hope it’ll make a domestic comp ’cause that is one kickin’ song. OK, make it 4.5 stars…

    Really digging the non-sequential ordering of the tracks, too. I’ve always been a fan of such a collection since, if ordered properly, I think it lends itself to more of a concert setting. Mellencamp just did it on his double-disc hits and nice to see the Leps following suit (must be a Polygram thing).

    Oh, to the reviewer who bemoaned the fact there’s only one song from On Through the Night, methinks you miss that both Wasted and Rock Brigade are from that album. No biggie and hate to slag a fellow fan, but facts am facts.

    A nice addition to the first four albums for me and a “hell yeah!” to the band for sparing me having to get anything besides Slang from the post-Hysteria era.

    Posted on December 2, 2009