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Best of Rare Cult

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  • During a recent trip to Kansas I got tired of the local radio stations in a hurry (like twenty minutes). With four more days before my return home I new I needed to find some new music for the rental car, fast.Despite being a huge Cult fan I had been leary of purchasing this compilation of “Rare” tunes. You know, the type of music that only the true diehard fan can truly appreciate. Being desperate I took a chance. Right from the opening drum beat of “Love Removal Machine” I had a feeling that I had made a good decision. I like this version better than the original. It has a live type intensity, but with a studio production quality. I kept waiting for the applause at the end. “Zap City” continues with the same live type urgency that has you leaning over to crank up the volume. What else can be said about “She Sells Sanctuary”. A classic rock tune that is included here with “Long Version” in the sub-title. It’s is similar enough to the album version to make it instantly recgonizable, but with enough variation to give it a subtle freshness. The lone applause at the end makes you feel as if you just sat in on a private session with the band. The acoustic version of “Edie” rounds out a four song set that alone would make this album worthwhile. While there are some songs of the variety that I was afraid the whole album might be made up of, there are more than enough quality songs to make this an often played addition to even the casual Cult fan’s collection.

    Posted on December 7, 2009