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Best of UFO: Gold Collection

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  • UFO, while practically unheard of in America, were gigantic in Europe during the mid 70’s to early 80’s. When someone mentions hardrock from this time period, most people will talk your ear off about Led Zepplin, Deep Purple, Rush, Van Halen, Ted Nugent, Black Sabbath and other high-profile, mainstream rock bands people went ga-ga over. You won’t, however, hear much or anything at all about UFO, a band from the U.K. that had a certain ace-kraut guitarist and a heavy drinking lead singer, especially in this country. Too bad, because UFO has all of those aformentioned bands collectivly beat IMHO. UFO:Gold is probably the single best disc you can own from this band, if you can only own one at all. Other then *Force It*, thier albums had their share of filler material to go along with the “hits”, so this solves that problem. Also, unlike *Essentilal*, this covers the underrated Paul Chapman-era.

    This CD covers all the albums from 74′ (Phenomenon) to 85′ (Misdemeanor). Here is the list of songs that made it off of each album.

    -PHENOMENON- (74)
    *Doctor Doctor*
    *Rock Bottom*

    -Force It- (75)
    *Let It Roll*
    *Shoot Shoot*
    *High Flyer*

    -No Heavy Petting- (76)
    *You Can Roll Her*

    -Lights Out- (77)
    *Too Hot To Handle*
    *Love To Love*

    -Obsession- (78)
    *Only You Can Rock Me*
    *Hot N Ready*
    *Pack It Up (and go)*

    -No Place To Run- (80)
    *Young Blood*

    -Wild, The Willing And The Innocent- (81)
    *Lonely Heart*
    *Long Gone*

    -Mechanix- (82)
    *Let It Rain*

    -Making Contact- (83)
    *When Its Time To Rock*

    -Misdemeanor- (85)
    *This Time*

    A awesome collection of songs from UFO, the most under-rated band, EVER! Everything you need is right here on this disc. Rock on, and thanks for reading.

    Posted on January 23, 2010