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Out of print in the U.S.! Hot-selling compilation from the first lady of AOR/Rock ’N’ Roll, originally released in 1989. Features 15 outstanding tracks including ’Love Is A Battlefield’, ’Heartbreaker’, ’We Live For Love’, ’Shadows Of The Night’, ’Hell Is For Children’ and ’Hit Me With Your Best Shot’. EMIWhen Pat Benatar tore onto the scene in the late ’70s, her stage presence and attitude were just as formidable as her talent. One of the new breed of women in rock, Benatar, a trained opera singer, assumed all of the rock poses from her male lead singer counterparts and delivered each song with a take-no-prisoners attitude. ”Heartbreaker,” her first single, was a big monster of locomotive hard rock. Its throaty, growling, and suggestive vocal style established Benatar as a contender in an arena championed by the likes of Robert Plant. Benatar also took cues from the hard rock catalog of tricks with ”Hell Is for Children,” building the song from a near-ballad into an all-out ballsy rocker. ”Hit Me with Your Best Shot” had her combining her edge with a knack for strong melodies. ”Promises in the Dark” and ”Fire and Ice” continued in the same vein with guitarist Neil Giraldo’s furious fretwork holding up to Benatar’s vocal pyrotechnics. Best Shots also chronicles the less stellar singles, with the annoying ”Love Is a Battlefield,” and ”We Belong to the Night.” Benatar’s fire burned brightest in the beginning and it seems best to remember her that way. –Steve Gdula

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  • The only positive to this CD is that it includes the album tracks. “All Fired Up! The Best of Pat Benatar” and the remastered “Greatest Hits” both use the single versions of a handful of songs. This 15-song selection ommits a few good tracks, inlcuding “Treat Me Right”, “Little Too Late”, and “You Better Run”. The sound quality is also below par.

    Posted on November 10, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Pat Benatar was the rock-chick of the 80’s. I remember waiting for this album to come out to have all her hits in one place-well they weren’t. Her top-50 hits LITTLE TOO LATE, YOU BETTER RUN, TREAT ME RIGHT, LOOKING FOR A STRANGER,& SEX AS A WEAPON AREN’T INCLUDED. they should have and other songs such as ONE LOVE, OUTLAW BLUES AND THE LIVE VERSION OF HELL IS FOR CHILDREN SHOULDA BEEN DROPPED. THANKFULLY THE ALL FIRED UP 2-DISC SET HAD IT ALL.BUT 5 YEARS AFTER THIS RELEASE.

    Posted on November 10, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Pat Benatar launched one of the most amazing careers in pop music in the last 25 years with a barrage of hits that just kept coming. Starting with songs like “Love Is A Battlefield”, “Promises In The Dark’, and “One Love”, she forged her way up the charts and was one of the first female rockers who, Like Joan Jett, became main concert draws in the early 1980s. She delivered a hard rock sound that was combined with quite provocative and driving lyrics, which gave each of her songs a particular kind of punch which was both a crowd pleaser and a reason for her sustained success commercially. She adopted a number of social concerns, for which she spoke very forcefully and effectively, including battered children and women’s rights. In songs like “Hell Is For Children”, she sang with great passion about the way in which children are victimized and emotionally damaged by violence. Pat left us with quite a legacy of hits, and included here are the above-mentioned songs as well as “We Live For Love”, “Shadows OF The Night”, “we belong”, “Invincible”, “Fire And Ice”, “Heartbreaker”, and “Outlaw Blues”. This is a great compilation of her hits, and makes for a great listening experience. Enjoy!

    Posted on November 10, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Having just graduated high school when Benatar hit the scene with “Crimes of Passion,” I was transfixed with her powerful voice and aggressive delivery. Listening to this great compilation, I’m as impressed as ever. A few notable tracks are not here – most importantly “You Better Run,” and “Wuthering Heights,” but nitpicks aside, this is a great disc.Pat’s classical opera training is quite evident in her amazingly powerful vocals. Quite unlike any rocker before or since. Husband Neil Gerardo’s guitar work is of the highest order as well.Worth noting is the fact that Benatar walked away from her career at the absolute height of her success to stay at home and raise her new daughter(s). She’s recently returned with some new material, which demonstrates that her voice is as strong as ever. She deserves the greatest respect not only as an artist, but as a woman with the moral character and courage to do what few in show business ever do: put their careers on the back burner for their kids’ sake. Hats off to a great artist, and more importantly, a great mother!An essential CD for anyone without the original albums in their collection.

    Posted on November 10, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Pat Benatar is the pinnacle of a woman rocker. She has a stunning voice that can hits those high notes with proficiency meanwhile she has all the grit and edge that a hard rock fan is seeking. This collection of her hits is a great introduction for folks that aren’t overly familiar with her work. I am not one of those people. Although I like this CD, I miss a lot of the songs such as “You Better Run”, “Sex as a Weapon”, “Treat Me Right”, all of which are just as important as “Heartbreaker” and/or “Love is a Battlefield.” Two versions of Hell is For Children was unnecessary, but the unfamiliar last two tunes on the album, especially “Outlaw Blues” are excellent songs. A great introduction for potential fans, this CD is not quite enough for us diehard Pat Benatar fans.

    Posted on November 10, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now