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Better Than Raw

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  • This is the last of the Eight remastered Helloween albums. The album as it stood before was a very solid, hard hitting album that took Helloween into a darker, and more progressive sound that needed to occur for the band to mature, and move in a different musical direction. It stands as an early preview to what “The Dark Ride” was to be. Starting with the introductory instramental Deliberately Limited Preliminary Prelude In Z, to the last track Midnight Sun, this album is full of hard rock and thrash elements. Songs like I can and Hey Lord have a catchy anthem type vibe to add into the mix. For those who bought the album in Europe originally, this contains the US bonus track “A Game We Shouldn’t Play”. For other outside Japan who didn’t buy the bonus version there, or the single for Hey Lord, this has the tracks Back on the Ground and Moshi Moshi Shiki No Uta (live). Also a bootleg version of Hey Lord from the single is here to.
    Nicely done with new slipcover sleave, and a full 16 page liner book with the continuation/conclusion of the 8 cd booklet interview/travel through time with Helloween members. Definately should pick this album up if you havn’t before.

    Posted on February 12, 2010