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Beyond the Permafrost

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  • If there are some people out there that think metal is dead, just let them give this a spin and let them dispose of their theory. The Ohio-based blackened epic-thrash band Skeletonwitch is definitely an awesome present-day metal band. I say present-day as opposed to contemporary or modern because this band definitely doesn’t sound like any of the dime-a-dozen contemporary metalcore bands out there.
    No, folks, this is good old-fashioned thrash metal with a mix of black metal, a bit of NWOBHM riffage (New Wave of British Heavy Metal), and epic viking metal. The songs are all relatively short, but they definitely deliver headbanging, guitar-wailing goodness. From the first couple seconds of “Upon Black Wings”, I was blown away by these guys.
    What’s cool about Skeletonwitch is that they have plenty of talent, but they don’t take it upon themselves to be too serious. This is some fun metal with the sort of epic, wintery feel of a band like Immortal. If you want a throwback to the classic metal era, or want to listen to a band with lots of talent and cool songs, give this a listen! Thanks for the time, and peace.

    Posted on March 11, 2010