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  • Um, is anyone else confused here? People talk about the “new” Aerosmith as being a ballad band and glossy, shiny pop. I’ve listened… and listened…. and listened. What I hear is the gritty hard rock band of the 70s with a *somewhat* greater emphasis on ballads, and on some songs a *somewhat* more polished feel. Some seem to find this reason to damn Aerosmith to everlasting hell. I don’t. But to my ears I cna’t honestly say that the “old” and “new” Aersomtih are really all that different. I bought Permamant Vacation when it first came put in 1987 and I never thought it was that different from their 70s material. Haven’t Aerosmith always done ballads? And isn’t Uncle Salty kind of “poppy”?(Who cares, the song’s great anyway!)If anyone else is confused about the supposed existence of the evil “teenybopper” Doppelganger of the new Aerosmith, please click “yes” below. I personally like all Aerosmith phases. And this time at least, I like the Amazon review!

    Posted on December 27, 2009