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Bigger Than the Devil

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  • I didn’t expect “Bigger Than The Devil” to come close to “Speak English or Die” (Won’t SOMEBODY please re-release that album on CD??), but it blew me away nonetheless. DEFINITELY looking forward to seeing them live, as the new material is as offensive and non P.C. as the last album. My only complaint is that there aren’t enough ballads on there. All the more reason to see ‘em live. Best tracks are “Monkeys Rule”, the title track, “The Song that Don’t go Fast”, and the classic “Aren’t you Hungry”, an original S.o.D. tune re-made by M.o.D. and includes the riff from Anthrax’s “Imitation of Life” which Charlie stole from Billy when he wrote it. Sped up and heavier, it brings back great memories of thrash and grindcore before (c)rap “metal” took over. BUY IT NOW and see them LIVE!! Then, and only then, will you find out whatever happened to Celtic Frost . . . .

    Posted on February 9, 2010