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Bigger Than the Devil

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  • Wow. Wow, wow, wow. This is a GREAT CD. I would honestly give this 6 stars if I could. I love this CD and I love S.O.D., if you want to challenge me on it, I’ll show you my S.O.D. tattoo. So what’s great about this record? What’s not great about this record? Every song (except “The Song That Don’t Go Fast”) is like the best crossover song you’ve ever heard only FASTER. The reason S.O.D. only put out two studio albums in 14 years is because they can say everything that needs to be said in 35 seconds. “Shenanigans” is priceless. “The Crackhead Song” and “Kill the A$$holes” are great. “Fugu.” Yup. And they polish it all off with “The Moment of Truth,” which might just have the best chorus I’ve ever heard, plus great lyrics about one of the most amazing event in history – the Spartan’s stand at Thermopylae. How about that? A$$-kicking crossover and a history lesson all in one. If you don’t own this, then you’re just a sad sack of crap.

    Posted on February 10, 2010