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  • Admit it; these past few months have been sensory overload for KISS fans.

    Back in September of ‘09, Ace Frehley gave us “Anomaly.” Less than a month later, KISS dropped “Sonic Boom” on the world.

    And now, we have Bruce Kulick’s “BK3.”

    Normally, when a guitarist releases a solo effort, it is easy to assume that it will be pure licks and riffs with no substance.

    Thankfully, Bruce Kulick has created an album that is memorable, fun & insightful.

    Mind you, Bruce could have easily sung on every single track if he chose to. However, he decided to bring in an array of friends to help make this album his masterpiece.

    Gene Simmons manages to unleash his inner demon on “Ain’t Gonna Die.” He hasn’t had this much swagger and punch since the “Revenge” album. Never mind that his son Nick sets the mood very well as he lends his pipes to the track “Hand of the King.”

    The best guest vocalist on the album has to be Bruce’s former Union bandmate, John Corabi. Much the same way that Plant’s voice compliments Page’s guitar, Corabi and Kulick are a match made in musical heaven. “No Friend of Mine” is brutally honest and well written. It could easily garner airplay on any modern rock station in America.

    The one cut on this album that highlights Bruce’s talent is the instrumental piece, “Between the Lines.” It is a whirlwind of great melody and passion.

    What makes “BK3″ an incredible album is that the songs seem as if they were carefully placed in a certain order so that the album has absolute flow from start to finish. It opens with the bombastic fist pumping “Fate” and closes with the beautifully lush “Life.”

    In comparison to other albums by guitarists, “BK3″ is truly an “Anomaly.”

    Posted on November 9, 2009