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  • I have to say that Bruce really has given his fans a great cd not that his other efforts weren’t good this one is killer.There’s not one track that I don’t like there are uptempo songs a well as ballads “Fate” kicks the cd off and it’s a killer track.”Ain’t Gonna Die” has Gene singing a solid track that reminds you of something he would have done with KISS.”No Friend Of Mine” is a very good track I really like it’s probably what you would hear if it were on a Union cd.”Hand Of The King” has Nick Simmons singing I was pleasantly surprised an he sorta reminds me of a very young Gene.”I’ll Survive” is a very good track where Bruce sings about the shooting incident that he survived.”Dirty Girl”with Doug Fieger(RIP)singing has become a favorite of mine the song is catchy and it really rocks.”Final Mile” is another song that Bruce sings good track.”I’m The Animal” with Tobias Sammet singing and Eric Singer on drums is a rocking track that I really like alot more the more I listen to it Eric Singer is just awesome on this track.”And I Know” is another song Bruce sings that I really like alot I think his vocals improve everytime he sings.”Between The Lines” the only instrumental with Steve Lukather is impressive and rocking track.”Life” closes out the cd what a fitting ending to a musical journey.I had the chance to met Bruce at the KISS Coffee House in Myrtle Beach,South Carolina he was a true gentleman and signed autographs and took pictures with those who wanted a photo if anyyone gets the opportunity to meet him please do so you want be disappointed.I recommend if you don’t own BK3 please go out and purchase it,it’s worth every penny I paid for it.

    Posted on November 10, 2009