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Black Clouds & Silver Linings

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  • The new Dream theater album has arrived!
    This album blew my mind, and has become one of my all time fav albums to come out in a very long time. Its also my opinion the strongest Dream Theater album out there with scenes from a memory right besides it. It has everything you’d want from a Dream theater album. Great songwriting, Great musicianship, melodic great vocals!, Crazy solos, Memorable melody’s, Progressive arrangements, and Heavy Crunching riffs!

    1 – A nightmare to remember
    A Nightmare To Remember is the best Dream theater album opener sinse A Glass Prison. This song starts off with a piano intro and than leads into one of the heavyest songs dream theater ever composed. Its a 16 min prog metal journey. Lots of catchy riffs. Lots of double Bass! There is also a mellow section that is really beautiful in this song. it has very catchy vocal melodys. This song is like systematic/Train of Thought meets Scenes from a memory.

    2- a right of passage
    a right of passage is one of the catchiest songs on the album. Its a classic 8 min long prog metal song. Heavy riffs, and a very catchy melodic chorus. there is a great thrash metal sounding solo section in this song! petrucci and rudess rip some killer solos! great high energy song!

    Wither is your classic heavy metal band’s ballad. Its a catchy mellow rock tune and its a nice breather from the first 2 heavy tracks. a nice classic dt ballad. very images and works meets scenes

    4-the shattered fortress
    Shattered fortress is the last part of mike portnoys AA sage (glass prison, this dying soul, root of all evil, repentance)It brings back a few memorable riffs from those songs played a bit differently. There is also new riffs added too. The solos in this song are all new and fantastic! its a great closing to the AA saga, and its a awesome heavy headbanging prog metal song!

    5-The Best Of Times
    The best of times is a amazing epic song that is dedicated to portnoys Father. it starts out with a piano and violin, and soon enters a acoustic guitar melody. it eventually builds into a High energy prog rock epic! Its very Rush influenced. this song is melodic, and absolutely beautiful! its very classical influenced too. the song fades out with john petruccis guitar solo and it sends shivers down my spine.

    6-The Count Of Tuscany
    The count of Tuscany is a 20 min prog masterpiece, and its now one of my all time favorite dream theater songs overall. The song writing on this song is so great that i can listen to this 20 min song over and over. it starts out with a clean nice guitar melody, and john petrucci opens it up with a melodic great guitar solo. at that moment u know the song is going to be a classic. it builds into a very rush and frank zappa influenced progressive rock section, and soon builds to a heavy midsection with some thrashy riffs. soon it goes into a classic dream theater instrumental section that sounds very scenes from a memory. that soon leads into a beautiful guitar solo. petrucci’s playing is phonemical on this album. The solo is one of his most emotional beautiful solos, and that section leads to a acoustic section. after a few mins distorted guitar and synth strings kick in and we get another great guitar solo, and a very rush sounding outro. the song is amazing! and i think it surpasses a change of seasons

    This is one of Dream theaters finest albums ever i recommend it to any metal, and prog rock fan! This is also a Great Vocal performance by James Labrie! Check out the album ASAP!

    Posted on December 22, 2009