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Black Metal

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  • Though now I have grown up from the times,I still will remember!

    VENOM! It was a time where Clint was lost and felt he was alone
    and though he always said his prayers at night(I was raised a
    Catholic,but still said prayers to Allah,Zeus,Odin,Rah,Budah
    and God) I found myself wanting to know more of the angel that
    was supposedly God’s Fav. Venom was a three piece band that
    played like a six piece! They had riffs that though simple
    were still hard to duplicate and I am still BEDAZZLED that
    my Bro. NO LONGER DEVIL(A AMAZONER) could not play,for
    he could play Kurt Hammit,Tony Iommi and Randy Rhodes
    to a tee. But not Black Metal? Why? My girl Mrs. Bronson
    explained it fully! VENOM IS MOST UNORTHODOX! Meaning
    that Chronos did not abide by the rules of music and
    like Aleister Crowley did WHAT THY WILT! VENOM’S BLACK METAL
    was a mile stone album that has stood the test of time!
    I have read a lot of reviews stating that they were really
    orig. Though I will not go that far(c’mon people! I feel
    the passion for this album,but there were bands like MOTORHEAD
    MISFITS and The Heavy above alllllll BLACK SABBATH before Venom)
    This album still holds it’s place in Metal History for EVERY
    song is CLASSIC! Though now that I’m older and respect the
    music of such artist’s like Boz Scaggs and The Spinners
    VENOM will always have a place in my HEART!

    Posted on November 24, 2009