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Black One

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  • This is some sick stuff. This is the only Sunn O))) album I’ve heard, and I don’t have too much to compare it to. People call it Drone Metal, and that describes it well enough, though this one has got a definite black metal vibe to it as well. In my mind this is kinda the culmination of what black metal should be, just pulse and atmosphere on and on forever This is mostly just an endless wall of noise, rumbling, feedback ridden bass and ridiculously deep, powerfully distorted guitar. Very, very slow, no drums at all apart from a few little bits of percussion at a few points. Largely instrumental but with a fair bit of inhuman black metal shrieking and groaning in some of the tracks. It’s generally very repetitious and has virtually no melody, and it seems like it should be boring, honestly, but it’s truly bruising and hypnotic. Their note on the back: ‘Maximum Volume Yields Maximum Results’ definitely proves true. Ya gotta have this as loud as you can handle it for it totally work. Anyway, definitely one of the darkest things I’ve ever heard. Highly Recommended.

    Also, the cover art is awesome.

    Posted on January 12, 2010