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  • Last year, my husband and I decided to go ALL out for Halloween, and boy did we! We had everything. Our house looked like a scene from every scary movie you can think of. We had skulls, spiders, skeletons, tons of creepy lights (purple, green, and red), two fog machines going, over $50 worth of fake spider webs (the kids love those) and tons more. It all looked perfectly splendid (or perfectly terrifying!), so we went out to the local Home Depot and picked up a pair of those speakers that look like rocks to play our music through. We had everything set up perfectly; the coffin that held the gobs of candy, the ghosts that would dance and make ghoulish sounds as you passed by, the zombie hand that would shoot up in front of his tombstone, just everything. But we were stumped. What music should we play? It had to be super creepy.
    That’s when my husband suggested I ask one of the neighborhood middle-schoolers, Kyle, what we should pick for our music. If you read this, thanks Kyle! So that’s exactly what I did, and Kyle directed me to this album. He said it’s one of his favorite tunes to listen to when he’s feeling “down in the dumps.” I went out and bought it right away, with high hopes, and sure enough it was dead on! It was the perfect soundtrack to the plethora of horror gadgets that had plagued our yard last year.
    You should have seen the outcome, we counted over 400 kids that came by our place. That’s over twice as many as there were last year, and I can’t help but think this album must have contributed something to it. We got plenty of compliments and comments from both children and parents alike. Some kids even stood at the curb holding their parents hands because they were too scared!
    It looks like we’re going to have a bit more competition on our hands next year though. Some of our neighbors just had to know what album it was so they could purchase it for their own Halloween shows. I know for sure Betty and Martha got the album, and I think even Terry and Jon purchased a copy as well. I tried to persuade them to at least choose another of Sunn O)))’s albums, but they said this one was just too good.
    And it is! I whole-heartedly recommend this gem to anyone out there looking to get spooked or to do the spooking! Just too good.

    Posted on January 12, 2010