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Black Sabbath, Vol.4

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  • With todays music scene seriously dipping in quality, I’ve been doing what alot of people have been doing : going back in time and discovering the older bands such as Pink Floyd, King Crimson and my latest discovery Black Sabbath.After Master of Reality, Black Sabbath had sort of backed themsleves into a corner. The fans where in love the slow pounding sludge guitar that was Sabbath’s trademark, Sabbath had begun to experiment a tiny bit on Master of Reality with tracks like After Forever and Solitude but that was just the beggining. You see Vol.4 not only rocks harder than MOR it also beats it songwise. This album grabs you by the kneck from beggining to end whereas Master of Reality was tough to get listen to at times not so here. Another thing about this album is it’s rocking power, it seems like the band let loose and went wild, Iommi’s guitar is allowed to breathe, while on the last record it sounded layed back and so did the band.The songs I most enjoy are Wheels of Confusion, Yesyerday’s dream, Supernaut, Snowblind, Cornucopia heck I love each and every song on here!! Changes sounds like something Ozzy would go on to do with his solo carreer. I don’t understand the people who give the album bad reviews, personally I can’t find anything wrong with this one, great introduction to the band if your new ot them.

    Posted on December 12, 2009