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Black Sabbath, Vol.4

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  • This album is my favorite album of any I’ve ever heard from Sabbath, well actually of any band. This is the definative Sabbath album.1.Wheels of Confusion-great song with cool riffs and bass lines.5/52.Tommorrow’s Dream-awesome song with a great meaning behind it.5/53.Changes-this song is very saddening, especially with Ozzy’s moaning vocals portraying a very hurt individual. 5/54.FX-very useless and the only song (if it can be called a song) on the album i dislike 2/55.Supernaut- one of the best blues/metal songs ever written. This song can never be duplicated in it’s complete majesty. This is sabbath at it’s best 6/5 :) 6.Snowblind-this anthem about cocaine is my favorite Sabbath song of all time (other than Supernaut, and Junior’s Eyes)10/57.Cornucopia- cool song about people dying in wars such as the Vietnam War 5/58.Laguna Sunrise-this song is a really good song but it’s not near as good as Orchids 4/59.St. Vitus Dance- I love this song. It’s friecken awesome. The lyrics are complimented by great music and cool bass lines. Great song-period 5/510.Under the Sun- This song is awesome. It’s heavey as hell and explodes into the room whenever I play it. 5/5Hope this review helps ya5.

    Posted on December 12, 2009