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Black Sails at Midnight

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  • I wanted to be a pirate BEFORE it was cool!

    That said, when I first saw the words “Pirate Metal” I thought it was a joke. Then I groaned “here comes another dumb metal band that is trying to sell their inferior music by marketing to a particular class of people who will buy anything that is related to their fetish”. Well, being one of those people, I bought it thinking I would at least get a good laugh out of it. I was pleasantly surprised!

    The guitar solos are impressive, the music is invigorating, and the accordion-synth is a refreshing touch. My favorite track is “Leviathan” which is almost as epic and grand as the beast itself. The vocals are a double-edged sword: the singer sounds like a real scurvy sea-dog, but we all know they can’t sing. The music is not as interesting as that of bands with a similar folk or power-metal sound, but it is good enough to have a place in your collection.

    Posted on January 30, 2010