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Black Sun

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  • First of all, this album is light years away from a masterpiece. I will try to be as succinct as possible to get my point across. From One was good, Duality was great, and Black Sun is pathetic. Problem with this albums: Most songs sound the same especially the choruses. I am a very open music fan but I haven’t been this musically disappointed in a long time. The best songs are the ones that were released before the album even dropped. With the exceptions of Faulty Information, Broken Hearted Soul, and Don’t Turn Away, there really isn’t much intriguing about this album. They built it up to be the greatest album ever and instead of making songs from the HEART they made an album bad mouthing genocides and their former record label. I think I’m speaking for the majority of Ra fans when I say that the songs we need are On My Side, Tell Me, Superman, Taken, Say You Will, Swimming Upsteam, Sky. Things of the nature. Real songs. My theory is good tunes are good tunes but this is just poor work compared to their previous efforts. They are not connecting with the listener with these songs. Cheesy lyrics as well to most choruses. Faulty Information stands out from the rest and the album should be modeled around that song and that style. I listen to Duality religiously and I listen to Black Sun seldomly. Huge let down. Go back to the songs about emotions and love and not about your record label problems. Fans care but don’t want to hear songs about it. Fans want to hear about songs they can relate to; those are the best songs.

    Posted on December 19, 2009