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German heavy metal marauders Scorpions recorded seven studio records before breaking in to the U.S. market in 1982 with Blackout. The album became the group’s first platinum disc in the U.S., and the dynamic single ”No One Like You” became a staple of album rock radio. While the Scorpions had created powerful anthems and epic rockers in the past, Blackout mixed the ingredients just right. The title track was an endorphin rush of fast-riffing guitars and electrified, high-pitched vocals that culminated with the sound of shattering glass. ”Can’t Live Without You” was a powerful melange of flash, firepower, and pure melody, and the slow, surging ”China White” sounded like a psychedelic interpretation of Led Zeppelin’s ”Kashmir.” After years of ignored visas, Scorpions had finally arrived in America. –Jon Wiederhorn

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  • THE BAND: Rudolf Schenker (guitars), Klause Meine (vocals), Matthias Jabs (guitars), Francis Buchholz (bass), Herman Rarebell (drums & percussion).

    THE DISC: (1982) 9 songs clocking in at approximately 37 minutes. Digitally remastered and reissued in 1997. Included with the disc is a 3-page foldout containing song credits and lyrics, one band picture, and thank you’s. All music written by Rudolf Schenker. All lyrics written by Meine and Rarebell. Label – Mercury/Polygram.

    COMMENTS: As far as I’m concerned (like so many reviewers here as well), this is the Scorpions at their peak. This is the band’s break-through album. The Scorpions’ enjoyed mild success in their native Germany with hits from earlier albums from the 1970’s (“The Zoo”, “Loving You Sunday Morning”, “Holiday”, etc), but the album “Blackout” made them global superstars. The song “No One Like You” was their first worldwide smash hit – and with good reason. It still sounds fresh decades later. Some awesome deep album cuts like the rocking “Dynamite”, “Now!” and “Blackout”; as well as the slower songs like “When The Smoke Is Going Down” or “You Give Me What I Need”. The Scorpion’s next album “Love At First Sting” (1984) might have sold more records, but it was because of it’s predecessor “Blackout”. Note – check out any of their compilations or ‘live’ albums, and “Blackout” is the best represented on each. Though “Blackout” is short at only 9 songs and just under 37 minutes – there is absolutely no filler here. “Blackout” is the band’s heaviest and most solid album ever produced. The 24-bit digitally remastered disc has crisp sound production. Classic disc.

    Posted on February 17, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • This album FINALLY got the Scorps noticed and played on the radio. Now go back and get Animal Magnetism, Lovedrive and their original compilation (from In Trance, Virgin Killers, Fly to the Rainbow, etc). That stuff never got radio-play and is not the pop most people are familiar with.

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  • All things takin’ into consideration. BLACKOUT is by far one of the greatist lps to come out of the 80’s! Most Americans first heard of SCORPIONS in ‘78.TOKYO TAPES was so great we just fell in love with URICH ROTH. The only other guitar player at the time like him was maybe,FRANK MARINO. We bought everything we could find from SCORPIONS. BUT! as soon as we found them URICH was gone? In steps MATTHIAS JABS! LOVEDRIVE&ANIMAL MAGNETISM were pretty good but BLACKOUT just blew the cover off the boiler room! SCORPIONS are SUPERSTARS NOW! If you only get to have one. This is it! Production is perfection to the highest limit. There are no weak songs here,Folks! The good news is LOVE AT FIRST STING is only better! What happend after that? Who knows? Is it better to burn out? Or fade away? 10 STARS FOR BLACKOUT! Makes a great gift! Don’t forget! At the time the critics wanted us to listen to Missing persons&Duran,Duran,:-( BUT! We wanted OZZY,IRON MAIDEN,JUDAS PRIEST,DIO.ETC.ETC.ETC.”WE WILL NOT BE RESTRAIND OF PERSONAL DESIRES! “

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  • Here we come with our blitzkrieg tanks ready to crush you with red hot crunchy metal.The Scorpions say hello to my monster with this molten pot of wicked metal.Matthias Jabs is the savage samurai on lead guitar as he slices and dices with one demonic solo after another.Just listen to him rip on “No one like you” and “Can’t live without you”.Matthias give us melodic speed demon licks hot enough to melt your brain.”Blackout” just flat out kicks butt and is one of the best metal albums of the 80’s.These guys dish out catchy fist poundin’ anthems like the top ten hit “No one like you” then turn around and give us the soul stirring ballad “When the smoke is going down”.This is not only crunchy metal…it’s classic rock music.”Dynamite” is full throttle 20 cups of coffee mind bending head banging metal with demon frenzied solos and vocal wails from Klaus Meine.”China White” is pure stalking menace with grinding guitars that just drill your brain and a hypnotic vibe that doesn’t let go.”You give me all i need” is a power ballad minus the cheese.The Scorps take a beautiful melody and make it swoon with heart and soul but they never get wimpy or sappy like Bon jovi.”You give me all i need” is just pure ballad mastery.This album is just one bad mutha that i’ve been jamming out to since i was 14 years old and it still rocks me like a hurricane17 years later.Accept no substitutions….The Scorpions “Blackout” is real pure METAL!O.f.

    Posted on February 17, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • i was a junior in high school when this was originally was released on vinyl. i had already been weened on Animal Magnetism and Lovedrive by then, but was pleasibly surprised by this bad boy. what a breath of fresh air! if you were a hard core rocker, then you had Metallica and Motorhead to cut your teeth to, but for those of us who still liked the late ’70’s early ’80’s hard rock, ala Y&T, Dio, Ozzy, Judas Priest, AC/DC and others, then this was a diamond in the rough. i was blown away when i first heard this. it didn’t seem like the same Scorpions i was used to. it seemed heavier, more alive, than those previous releases. this was a release you could sink your teeth into. a head banger. something the Scorps really hadn’t fully accomplished until then. not only did they tear it up, but they slowed it down as well. “china white” is an all time classic, with the likes of the raucas “arizona” and thrashers “dynamite”, “now” and of course the famed “blackout” and “no one like you”. this is a cd any rocker must have in his/her collection. whether you’re a thrash fan, a death metal head, or just a plain ol’ rocker, you’ll do well to have this in your collection. peace.

    Posted on February 17, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now