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  • i was a junior in high school when this was originally was released on vinyl. i had already been weened on Animal Magnetism and Lovedrive by then, but was pleasibly surprised by this bad boy. what a breath of fresh air! if you were a hard core rocker, then you had Metallica and Motorhead to cut your teeth to, but for those of us who still liked the late ’70’s early ’80’s hard rock, ala Y&T, Dio, Ozzy, Judas Priest, AC/DC and others, then this was a diamond in the rough. i was blown away when i first heard this. it didn’t seem like the same Scorpions i was used to. it seemed heavier, more alive, than those previous releases. this was a release you could sink your teeth into. a head banger. something the Scorps really hadn’t fully accomplished until then. not only did they tear it up, but they slowed it down as well. “china white” is an all time classic, with the likes of the raucas “arizona” and thrashers “dynamite”, “now” and of course the famed “blackout” and “no one like you”. this is a cd any rocker must have in his/her collection. whether you’re a thrash fan, a death metal head, or just a plain ol’ rocker, you’ll do well to have this in your collection. peace.

    Posted on February 17, 2010