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  • All things takin’ into consideration. BLACKOUT is by far one of the greatist lps to come out of the 80’s! Most Americans first heard of SCORPIONS in ‘78.TOKYO TAPES was so great we just fell in love with URICH ROTH. The only other guitar player at the time like him was maybe,FRANK MARINO. We bought everything we could find from SCORPIONS. BUT! as soon as we found them URICH was gone? In steps MATTHIAS JABS! LOVEDRIVE&ANIMAL MAGNETISM were pretty good but BLACKOUT just blew the cover off the boiler room! SCORPIONS are SUPERSTARS NOW! If you only get to have one. This is it! Production is perfection to the highest limit. There are no weak songs here,Folks! The good news is LOVE AT FIRST STING is only better! What happend after that? Who knows? Is it better to burn out? Or fade away? 10 STARS FOR BLACKOUT! Makes a great gift! Don’t forget! At the time the critics wanted us to listen to Missing persons&Duran,Duran,:-( BUT! We wanted OZZY,IRON MAIDEN,JUDAS PRIEST,DIO.ETC.ETC.ETC.”WE WILL NOT BE RESTRAIND OF PERSONAL DESIRES! “

    Posted on February 17, 2010