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Blackwater Park [Vinyl]

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  • Blackwater Park was my first Opeth *album* (having only heard snippets of Morningrise before).A small point of interest – the chief criticism here seems to be band’s insistence on employing growl vocals.Like many, I found this practice aberrant, and frankly disruptive to otherwise excellent music.Repeated listenings to Blackwater totally changed my view on the matter – I realised that far from being the lamely overaggressive screaming of an otherwise talentless vocalist, the profound and multifaceted artistry in this volume would simply not be able to be communicated without the tool of harsh vocals.They are not used for their own sake, nor to simply stop the gaps of an incomplete band lineup, but are just another component in a seamless tapestry of such potent beauty and majesty there is insufficient time in most our lives to listen and appreciate all it has to offer, let alone to just bask in incandescent admirative glow one ends up helplessly projecting on repeated listenings of Opeth.Regardless, as you will discover in any of the acoustic or dynamically constrasted tracks such as “Harvest” or “The Drapery Falls”, singer Mikael Akerfeldt’s talent, ability and range is accomplished, to be more than modest.I suppose the fact that there are only SEVEN reviews of the odd hundred-and-fifty-three before this that are negative, and half of these are from people that could not lay aside a dislike of growling enough to appreciate the album should let you know that this may be the biggest hurdle for someone considering picking this upThe other 3 were either just plain wrong in their assumptions – anyone who questions Opeth’s musicianship or compositional talents can be safely and objectively sidelined as a cook: As whether you find them boring and prententiously irrelevant, or pray to them daily at nightfall , their technical talents cannot be queried by anyone with even an ounce of musical knowhow – or else provided no clear logic to their heresy.Buy this album if you one of those who considers music to be *anything* more than a diversion used when performing menial chores or long distance driving. Even if -it takes you a year to come to appreciate what it is, any rational person will eventually come to at least respect this masterwork.

    Posted on March 14, 2010