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Blackwater Park [Vinyl]

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  • I purchased this album as soon as I could get it. I own all of Opeth’s previous releases.I’m not sure I can add much more praise to this album. If you have any of Opeth’s other albums, you will buy this one. If you do not own an Opeth album, it doesn’t matter which one is picked up first, they are all excellent. Opeth is progressive-like-death-like-metal-like music. What does that mean? The band is not afraid to use acoustic guitars, a piano, or any other variation that may work. Overall there are harsh growled vocals and guitars that are loud and rock. The vocals change between a death growl and a very clear and pleasant sound. Two very active guitars on the album, and a bass that stands out more than it did on Still Life, but not as active as on Monringrise. The songs are longer than the average 3 to 4 minutes, be prepaired to be at attention for an average of 10 minutes. This album seems a bit busier than the previous albums. Complex stuff that may need a few listens to decifer. Favorites of mine on the album are Bleak, Harvest, and The Funeral Portrait. Bleak is one of the heavies on the album and Harvest is an all acoustic track. Funeral Portrait has the best riff on the album and is some nice meat in the sandwich of the album. My only hope is that Opeth doesn’t grow stale before they get big. These will be the albums retro-death metal heads will have in the year 2010. If you appreciate more technical death metal, you should like Blackwater Park. Opeth doesn’t unleash unbridled hatred, they simply tell a story instead with thier music. You need to tell a friend of Opeth. This album is worth your time and your money.

    Posted on March 14, 2010