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Blackwater Park

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  • I’ve reviewed _Blackwater Park_ elsewhere so here I will focus mainly on the limited edition…The limited edition comes with a second disc, featuring two new songs and a video to run on your PC. The two new songs are both stunning. The first is “Still Day Beneath the Sun”, yet another track that shows the band’s limitless capacity to write beautiful music. All acoustic, the song is best appreciated for showing how good of a singer Mikael Akerfeldt has become. His infirm voice from the days of _Orchid’s_ rare moments of clean singing have evolved into a chilling, bardic vocal with range and beauty.The other song is “Patterns in the Ivy II”, a fitting continuation to the eerie serenity from _Blackwater Park_. This is not an instrumental like part one, and it is mainly acoustic with the occasional electric sparkle. Like on “Still Day…”, Akerfeldt experiments here with his voice a little bit – he sings higher, a little bit of melisma, and with interesting vocal harmonies. These songs make me even more excited for the forthcoming “mellow” Opeth album, _Damnation_, which is to be released in March 2003.There is also a video clip for the song “Harvest”. It’s not a music video, per se, just some footage of the band in studio with their producer Steven Wilson. You can watch the band eat some snacks, play some PlayStation, and work on some music. Opeth is simply one of the greatest, most innovative metal bands ever, and they certainly trump the swarms of “re-progressive” metal bands out there. Their juxtaposition of stunning beauty and devastating metal makes them just about the most powerful force in music. If you’ve never checked them out before, I can think of no better time to do so. If you are a hardcore fan, you won’t want to let any of the new songs here slip away (remember…limited edition!). A must-have for everyone!

    Posted on November 19, 2009