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  • Anyone who says that this is not representative of Clutch is missing the point.First, I think the slow bluesy songs are a refreshing addition to their sound and they are most definitely Clutch songs. Even their hard songs have always been blues based, if you can’t hear that then you just don’t know music. All they did was slow the tempo down and used acoustic guitars for a couple of songs.Second, anyone saying that this is not as good as Clutch’s past albums is also missing the point. This is by far the best album they have done since their second, self-titled album in terms of every song being high-quality (there’s not a bad song on the CD) and the fact that they are trying new things like the use of Hammond organ and the blues songs. A band should try new things and expand their sound yes? Or should they just crank out the same album again and again?Add to this that they have not sold out by softening their sound, they still jam as hard as ever and have basically gone MORE underground by signing with an indie label and doing a bizarre concept album. This is the best rock band playing right now and the only true heavy metal we have today. Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, all born again in Clutch. This CD deserves to become a classic that people will still be jamming out to in smoke filled living rooms for in 20 years.Finally, what’s with the guy who said something about “anti-christian lyrics?” Where do you get that? It’s a FICTIONAL story about FICTIONAL characters. What’s anti-christian about it?

    Posted on March 15, 2010