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Blast Tyrant

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  • Been a clutch fan since first seein them locally 15 years ago. The live performance was something I’ve never experienced before in my 200 some odd concerts. It honestly was rapture. The cd’s started filling my shelf immediately. Then after Elephant Riders I kinda eased up on the music scene. But then a few months ago I decided to check up on what Clutch had been making. I bought Exodus and Blast Tyrant. HOLY CRAP!

    This band is beyond phenomenal. Blast Tyrant may be the best album I’ve ever experienced…ditto Exodus(but thats for another review). Clutch may be the greatest band ever and yet the least recognized as great…and I go back to the early 70’s with my listening.

    What can I say about this album. It’s incredible…It’s powerful…It’s cosmic…It’s funky…It’s simply unbelievable pure hard rock from the soul.

    Anyone who doesn’t know Clutch but is considering them…stop! Go Buy this NOW! Those who know Clutch…DAMN!!!

    It kicks off with a blast of standard classic sounding Clutch with Mercury. Hard…Attacking…In your face.

    Then it transforms into a nice driven wah’d out ominous Profits of Doom. Simply an excellent song with so much power mixed in with creeping riffs its scary.

    The Mob Goes wild is a nice third. Crunchy Punchy song with an excellent chorus. Some words are goofy(and political, who cares) but thats a clutch standard. Great Chorus…sick.

    Cypress Grove is just a classic. Old sound Clutch. Scary crazy lyrics about evil women. The setup just births another perfect chorus that rips you out of your seat and throws you across the room. Holy Diver where you at? One of My favorites on the album.

    Then comes Promoter…OH!!!…The words…the way they roll off Neils tongue like a greased jackhammer. The chorus doesn’t catch like the previous songs, but the song overall is great.

    Then theres the change of pace with the forlorn desolate The Regulator…reminiscent of Zeppelins No Quarter. Spooky mysterious…with another old style clutch chorus. They just keep coming on this album.

    Then Worm Drink…nice funk…maybe my favorite on the album, if its possible to choose a favorite off of a complete album like this. Awwoooooo!!! This is a funky song with a sweeping mosh groove chorus and a ripping tearing burning guitar riff in the middle mixed with passion lyrics and werewolf howls. These guys are insane!

    Army of Bono next…politico-biblical mania shot at you like a cannon with nice harmonies and then a seperate ending that completes the song nicely.

    Spleen Merchant is a kicking shouter that continues the onslaught of riffs, not letting you even think about pausing…you’re stuck in this wall of sound with no way out.

    Swollen Goat follows…purposefully awkward but good with a decent chorus…maybe the weakest on the album IMO, but thats only because everything else is so damn good. It’s actually a good song, but an 8 on an album of 9’s and 10’s

    Weather Maker…a little transitional ditty thats just odd, not really a song…but somehow it fits. Nothing special…filler.

    Then the groovy swinging Subtle Hustle…it’s smooth as mothers butter. It really is.

    Then it kicks down to a nice acoustic Ghost with Pink Floydish keyboard overtones…that aquires a heavy melodic bass beat along the way, before dropping down into maybe the best chorus on this album…passionate and foreboding. It gives me chills. Love this.

    La Curandera next…a bit Ozzy sounding at first…but then a very cool riff based center that makes the song.

    Finishes off perfectly with the voiceless repetative but sublimely groovy Wysiwyg…kinda takes me back to the 70’s.

    Absolutely incredible album….incredible!

    You positively must have this album…or miss out on a musical experience like nothing else in decades…maybe ever.

    IMO Clutch’s best work, followed closely by Exodus…just phenomenal. Get both.

    I bow in reverence to these true geniuses of musicianship.

    Posted on March 15, 2010