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Blast Tyrant

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  • This is probably the best rock album that you have never heard. I am fairly new to this band having heard my very first Clutch song, ‘10001110101′, earlier this year on the ‘Hard Rock’ station in my area. I take pride in the fact that some of my friends come to me from time to time to see what I’m listening to. I feel like I’ve let myself and my friends down because I do not know how this album and this band had slipped past me. I was extremely lucky to come across ‘Blast Tyrant’ on the MP3 downloading program that I use ‘occasionally’. I downloaded this album and burned it immediately to a disc. I listened to it in my car on my way to a party that night and it got me going. I loved it so much that I bought their latest record ‘Robot Hive/Exodus’ the next day. After that, I had made a personal quest to hear every Clutch album that was out there. I have listened to the majority of their releases and I have to say that ‘Blast Tyrant’ is definitely my favorite (‘Pure Rock Fury’ takes a close second). ‘Blast Tyrant’ sure could be considered their most polished album to date but song for song it kicks the most ass too. If you have just discovered Clutch then I would start here with this album because it doesn’t get any better. These guys are THE greatest rock and roll band in the country and it is a damn shame that they aren’t in every set of headphones in America.

    Posted on March 16, 2010