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Blessed Are the Sick

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  • This is my favorite Morbid Angel album, possibly my favorite death metal album, and in my top 10 of favorite albums ever. They succeed in capturing the raw primal energy and sense of freedom that is at the heart of the best metal. I’ve been listening to this album for 14 years and is even better today than it was then! I can say that of only a handful of metal albums. The guitars and drums combine into a seething thick groove, and David Vincent’s vocals are in top form. Some of Trey’s solos on here are just unbelievable. What gets me the most about it is how much GROOVE they have going on…even at blast beat speeds! Sick!!!!!!

    I owned this album in its original release form, but I bought it in it’s newly remastered form and it does sound much better. It’s much louder now, and there is more clarity…you can really crank it and hear every little thing going on! I highly recommend this new release.

    Posted on January 19, 2010