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Blessed Black Wings

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  • Take Motorhead, “Reign in Blood” era Slayer, early Black Sabbath, and Sleep. Imagine all of them having sex, and try to conceive of what their offspring would sound like. High on Fire’s “Blessed Black Wings” is what you should come up with as an answer.

    This is Metal the way it was always meant to be played. Loud, heavy, and pissed off. You will find no modern clich├ęs, stereotypes, or even influences… because these guys know that most of the stuff passing as “Metal” these days is simply false. High on Fire function as a reminder to all who have lost the faith that Metal can still be as good as it was back in its glory days.

    Since their previous album “Surrounded by Thieves”, High on Fire have progressed slightly and they’ve taken a more metal-less stoner approach. They’re heavier, they’re louder, and I’d say they’re just simply better than ever before. They’ve certainly outdone themselves again, but I don’t think they’ve reached their peak quite yet.

    Some noteable tracks are Cometh Down Hessian, Blessed Black Wings, To Cross the Bridge, and Devilution.

    Pick this one up immediately.

    Posted on December 2, 2009